Andrew Tate Reportedly Rushed To Hospital

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate recently faced backlash on Twitter. Tate was detained by Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group, according to Reuters. 6 injured individuals were previously identified who were sexually exploited by the organized criminal group. He was also caught with 16-year-old. He has been also accused of repeated strangling by two women.



Andrew Tate was reportedly hospitalized

It has been noted that After Romanian authorities took the brothers into custody, reports have been flying that Andrew Tate had been taken to hospital due to health concerns. Following the reports, Tate’s Twitter account shared a cryptic post stating that he’s ‘hard to kill’.

Translated to English, a SpyNews article surrounding the arrest reads:

“Yesterday he [Andrew Tate] was taken out of the Central Prison of the Capital Police and taken to a hospital because when he was incarcerated, according to the procedures, he was given a medical examination and the prison doctor asked him if he was suffering from certain ailments.”

It continues:

“Based on this notification, yeterday he was taken to a specialist consultation in a hospital in the capital. Now, from my information, he is again in the central detention centre of the Capital Police. More details about the disease or about the condition or about something that follows, medically speaking, are not available this moment, they are confidential information.”

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Bishal Roy
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