Andrew Yang calls WWE ‘greedy,’ wants company to change its independent contractor policy

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is out for WWE’s recent ban on wrestlers from using platforms like Twitch and Cameo to make money on the side. Yang had made a tweet in which he opposed Vince McMahon’s decision to not allow its wrestlers from using third party platforms.



He was asked by CNN about his tweets vocalizing against WWE’s edict.

“The post you’re talking about was my categorizing the misclassification of professional wrestlers as independent contractors, which is completely ridiculous, given that the WWE has controlled their name and likeness for years, and controls their activities in many ways.

“Anything that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have for me that will help move the country forward, I would love to help in every possible way.”

Yang was also interviewed by Chris Van Vliet where he shed more light on his comments and why he opposes WWE’s decision.

Yang told Vliet that WWE classifying its wrestlers as “independent contractors” and then not allowing them to do anything on the side infuriates him.

“This (WWE’s independent contractor policy) bothers me and I’m not going to rest until something changes.”

Yang wants WWE to take responsibility of their workers who put their lives on the line for the company and allow maternity or paternity leave, an offseason, or “proper recovery time.” He added that the company is worth $3.3 billion and the way they treat their workers is “shameful.” Yang called the company’s practices “plain f**king greedy”.

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