Angelina Love at WWE RAW on Monday?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– One TNA source said Lauren “Angel” Willlams’ (professionally known as “Angelina Love”) contract was about to expire and there was internal fear because she had not signed a new deal that she would attempt to negotiate with her former employer, World Wrestling Entertainment. With that being said, WWE sources believe she will be backstage at this Monday’s RAW taping when it emanates in her native Toronto. However, she won’t be there looking for work, but rather, just to be there.

Regarding Williams’ visa situation, there doesn’t appear to be anything new on that front, although the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer corroborated our story over the weekend saying TNA hastily terminated her contract once they realized the amount of trouble they could possibly face due to employing an llegal immigrant for two years without proper working papers. The Observer also noted that TNA never applied for a working visa for Williams.

Regarding Williams being subject to possible deportation, banned from entering the United States for ten years, and having to pay back any money she garnered by working as an illegal immigrant in the United States, it is very much a possibility if the government “wants to stick it to her,” but it is unlikely to occur.

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