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Another 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame inductee announced

  • D2K

    There are rapists, pedophiles, drug addicts, thieves, and murderers in the WWE HOF. Pat Patterson was a pedophile and guilty of MULTIPLE incidents of sexual assault. Mike Tyson went to prison for rape. Scott Hall murdered someone in cold blood. In his own words he went outside of the club AFTER the man left, tracked him down, beat him up, took the man’s gun and shot him dead. I could go on and on but the point is that the HOF in any sport is about agenda, not about accomplishment.

    Look at the NFL HOF. A guy like Terrell Owens can’t get into the HOF despite being one of the greatest receivers ever behind only Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. They say he had “character” issues. There are plenty of guys that had character issues that are in the HOF. The whole notion in and of itself is subjective. Just exactly what warrants having “character” flaws? So like I sad before. Major HOFs have no credibility at all.

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  • MrDr3w


  • MindTricked

    While I was watching their video package on Beth last night, all I was thinking of was the unused potential. Fact of the matter is, she simply wasn’t around long enough to warrant a HoF bid at this time, especially when you have others in front of her that have done FAR more and had much better longevity. I’m thinking Ivory or Victoria (the person I thought was getting in when some teases came out over the weekend) should have gotten in long before Beth.

    As for Chyna… yeah, there’s so much drama there, especially with her dying last year in the way she did, that they’re basically sticking their heads in the sand with regards to her. Miss Elizabeth? Definitely deserves to get in, ’cause she was one of those big names from back in the day that everyone was talking about.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Was Sunny more qualified than Elizabeth?

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  • D2K

    I don’t understand why it is taking so long to induct Miss Elizabeth. Not that the WWE Hall Of Fame has any credibility to start with as it is nothing more than a channel for WWE to set-up marketing plans, but every year Miss Elizabeth goes not being inducted just further strengthens that theory.

  • Arnold Jackson

    That is what I figured too but it isn’t like Edge is someone the company normally sucks up to. Afterall Christian isn’t there yet.

  • MrDr3w

    She’s married to Edge. Simple as that.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Beth over Molly Holly? Yeah just not seeing that one.