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Another big star not going to Saudi Arabia for Super Showdown

Daniel Bryan

We noted before how reports suggested that the former Universal Champion Kevin Owens has informed the company that he doesn’t want to go to Saudi Arabia for the Super Showdown event.

Dave Meltzer confirmed these reports during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio and he also revealed the Owens is not the only star not flying to the country.

According to him, Daniel Bryan who didn’t attend the Crown Jewel event last year has confirmed that he wouldn’t be participating in the upcoming Saudi Show either.

Bryan had refused to wrestle at crown jewel last year after the controversy regarding the missing wrestling journalist became a hot topic in social media.

Since he holds the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, this news means that the titles will not be defended at the upcoming show and it’d be interesting to see where Bryan and his partner Rowan defend the championships next.

  • DD

    CC can’t help it. ‘Whitney little b*tch’ comes to mind. Always moaning about the reporters and articles on here.

  • Soulshroude

    The same guys as last year, save for Roman going this year.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    It’s news because Roman is now willing to go when he was against going last year until his Leukemia diagnosis prevented him from going. Stop being one of those people who complain about nothing.

  • CC

    How is this news? We did not need Alvarez to tell us Bryan won’t be going. Bryan and Cena both refused to go due to the moral implications, so they are not just gonna change and decide to go this time now are they.

    As for the last bit about the tag team titles. They did not defend them at the last PPV either as they were in a non-title match and the RAW tag team titles or womens tag team titles were not even on the show. So how is the SD titles not being at the Saudi show anymore interesting?