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Another Lawsuit Against TNA Comes To Light

When it rains, it pours.

According to a report from F4WOnline, a lawsuit has been filed against TNA by BankDirect Capital Finance, LLC on September 29th in Cook County, Illinois. BankDirect is asking for $207,612.29 plus legal fees, interest and late charges.

BankDirect and TNA had an agreement on November 30th, 2015 that TNA would be loaned $400,146.00 so they can pay some insurance premiums. In return TNA agreed to make 10 monthly payments of $41,032.45, having made the first payment on November 13th, 2015. Although TNA has paid half of what is owed, they are still $207,612.29 behind.

  • Khosrow

    The funny part is her parents could payoff the debts she owes without blinking an eye or even missing the money but they seem content to teach her a lesson and get out of this by herself.

  • M

    This isn’t really news, all things considered. Think of the many more that haven’t reached the surface yet. At this rate we’re just waiting to here it the company’s “officially” over. Don’t even bother counting days because it’s been on borrowed time for how long now?

  • CC

    Hey Dixie, heres a shovel. Go bury yourself with the company you ruined.