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Another NXT talent gets their name changed


Brennan Williams has been in NXT for almost three years now and his rise as a Superstar has been slow yet surely steady. Williams signed with the company back in August of 2016 and since then has been a mainstay of the performance centre and has regularly appeared on NXT house shows everywhere.

Williams, a former football player, is basically a home-grown talent with an impressive physique and tons of charisma. However, falling prey to WWE’s habit of renaming its talent, Williams also underwent a name change this week.

Brennan Williams will now be called “Dio Maddin”. The Superstar took to his Twitter to make his announcement and shared a pretty cool artwork of his new name.

Furthermore, it seems like Williams might have had something to do with his name change because his first name, “Dio”, seems to be inspired from “Dio Brando” – the antagonist of the famous Japanese anime series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.

Interestingly enough, Maddin’s fans are all delighted to see his name change and have understood the reference that he is trying to make with his name change.