Another possible reason why AJ Styles won the WWE Championship

We noted before how a report revealed that the moderate interest in Jinder Mahal vs Brock Lesnar match and the low rating for SmackDown was the possible reason why the company decided to put the WWE Championship on AJ Styles.



Now in addition to this WWE Hall Of Famer Edge has revealed another possible reason why the company decided for this major title change to take place just 2 weeks before Survivor Series PPV.

During the latest episode of his Pod of Awesome podcast, the former World Champion said that WWE might have decided to have the title change take place because USA Network was debuting a new show the same night:

“I think there’s probably a few factors that go in. I think USA was debuting a new TV series after, and while some of you may scoff and say WWE wouldn’t change their business for that, yes they would. Shooter was debuting, and they stacked the 900th episode of SmackDown. That’s why I was there, that’s why Taker was there. They’ll do those things because they’re on the USA Network, and USA asked for a favor, so they’ll do them a favor.”

It’s interesting to note here that WWE has canceled one of their Live Events in India, and with the announcement of Triple H facing Jinder Mahal at the upcoming tour; it looks less likely that Mahal will win back the WWE title before the Live Event in India

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