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Another star walks out of Raw?

The dust regarding Neville’s alleged walk out of Raw last week is yet to be settled but it appears another similar controversy involving another Raw Star is upon us.

@WrestleVotes twitter handle, which first broke the news of Neville walking out of Raw made a series of tweets recently and started the rumors that Nia Jax has also ‘walked out’ of the October 9th episode of Raw. All the tweets related to this matter can be seen below:

After these rumors broke out, Pro Wrestling Sheet posted a report saying that Nia has actually been given ‘ leave of absence for personal reasons’ by management. Though the site says that they cannot confirm if Jax walked out of the show angrily.

We’ll keep you posted on any further development in the situation

  • BiggEZ

    Haven’t watched it in a while, so why did Neville walk out? Because he’s no longer the Cruiserweight champ?

  • Thomas Murray

    lol cm bit ch has done what since he left over 3 yrs ago, one fight where he was used as a marketing tool and hasn’t been seen since, rybacks claim to fame is his podcast, where he insults people and make sexists remarks towards women, cody where’s he at ?

    As for her, what has she got others want ? her (LBH) size (not muscle btw) is the reason she is there, as hmm Kong leaves and another big un comes in, so other than that other place tna or whatever its called now, where does she go ?

  • Pierrepoint

    Or maybe there’s another reason. Punk walked as he didn’t like the working conditions, schedule etc. Ryback the same. Being on the road 250+ days a year isn’t for everyone.

  • CC

    Yeah, what a huge name she is. I bet other promotions are screaming out for her.

    As for your other comment about wrestlers walking away.
    CM Punk has not wrestled since. Has had one MMA bout (which he lost), and that is it.
    Ryback .. what the hell has he done except talk alot?
    Rhodes is the only one who has actually made a career for himself within the wrestling industry.

    The big difference between those names you mentioned and Jax is that those guys actually have name value and can draw money (although Ryback is debatable for how long). Jax is a rookie, and is greener than grass. She needs to establish herself before she can bitch that she is not being used properly.

  • Brian

    Tell that to CM Punk, Ryback, Cody Rhodes etc. who have walked away from WWE, when they thought they weren’t being used properly. WWE isn’t the end all for wrestlers.

  • Thomas Murray

    Well the counter clain to yours would be,

    It doesn’t matter whether she thinks she is or not, it only matters what VKM thinks is best

  • Brian

    It doesn’t matter whether you or I think she’s ready. It only matters if she thinks she does. And if it bothers her enough, she’s can always quit the company and go somewhere else.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Big deal I mean for the WWE to bring Neville walk out on live TV tells me they no longer sweat the walk out.

  • CC

    How many wrestlers spend years with the company and never get a title? Or take years to get them?
    It took Natalya what, 2 years to get her first title, then 7 years til she got her second.

    The honest truth is she is not ready for a title run anyway.

  • Brian

    She’s been passed over for countless title opportunities. They seem to want her in the lineup, but don’t want to give her a chance at the title.

  • Arnold Jackson

    The Rock won’t let her get fired, even if she did walk out.

  • Andrew Kloman

    Everything I’ve read has mentioned she asked for time off to deal with personal issues and she was granted that time