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Another title match made official for Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble will be taking place on January 26, 2020. Now a huge title match has been made official for the event.

Becky Lynch made an appearance on RAW this week. She confirmed that she will be defending her RAW Women’s Title against Asuka at the Royal Rumble.

At last year’s Royal Rumble event, Asuka defended her Smackdown Women’s Title against Becky Lynch. She defeated Lynch in the match. So Lynch wants to get even with Asuka. It is sure to be a great match.

  • CC

    Nobody is arguing how good of a wrestler she is, but her lack of English hurts her, same with Nakamura. Now with a decent manager like Brock has, she would have a much better chance. Love it or hate it, nothing gets a wrestler over better than great promo work. The Rock and Austin sure did not earn their legendary statuses through nothing but in ring work as there were far better “wrestlers” in the company at that time.

  • Rinn13

    Kana (Asuka) is 10 times the wrestler than just about any of the women that WWE have pushed in the spotlight the last few years. Certainly far better than the three they slapped in that “historic” WM main event.