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Another top heel possibly turns face on RAW

Elias had another segment on Monday Night RAW after he defeated Apollo earlier in the show. The Drifter came out once again with his guitar, ready to perform on the ramp.

However, before he could begin, Elias was interrupted by RAW’s acting General Manager – Baron Corbin. Corbin asked Elias to wrap up his act and head backstage because he didn’t have time for his performance.

Elias argued and went on to cut a musical promo on Corbin which pissed the Acting GM off. Corbin silenced Elias’s microphone and his guitar and got cocky about he’d enacted.

However, what Corbin didn’t expect was a vicious guitar shot to the back by Elias. The Drifter left Corbin laying and seemingly turned babyface by doing so.


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    This look like a knee jerk reaction. They are looking who going to be a top face now. Elias need a little while longer for a face turn.

  • CC

    No no no. Do not turn Elias face unless you can pull off something like The Rocks gimmick.
    He is a brilliant heel, and the bulk of his gimmick would not be suited to being a baby face.