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Has another top star left Impact Wrestling?

A handful of Impact talent has been rumored to be leaving the company since early December. Chris Masters and EC3 have both parted ways, and it looks like Bobby Lashley may have joined them.

At the latest Impact tapings, Bobby Lashley took on a recently signed Brian Cage, losing to the new Impact star. Later on in the night, Lashley came out to say that he’s the “top of the food chain” and that Cage beating him was a fluke. Cage came out, and yet again defeated Lashley.

The former champ walked up the ramp, bowed and said goodbye to the crowd, signaling that he may be done with the company. It may be minor, but it’s important to note that Lashley has been working as a heel for the company, so to bow to the crowd is extremely out of character.

Nothing official has been said by either party, so it’s possible that this may be a swerve of some kind from Impact. However, considering the recent departures, it doesn’t seem likely.

If this really was his last match, this marks the third Impact star to leave in less than a week.


  • pitfallharry219

    “We love you, Bobby!” – ???

  • unknown183

    So this company is trying to survive without actual wrestling talent. haha. Good luck with that. That’s like Mcdonald’s trying to survive without selling hamburgers.

  • Sparti Love

    Lashley v Lesnar at WM.. Vince just creamed his pants

  • Kristopher Robinson

    With his improvement in TNA, I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in WWE.