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Anthem Fires Back at Billy Corgan’s Social Media Remarks, Corgan Responds Again

As we previously reported, Billy Corgan went off on TNA on his Twitter account regarding money that the company has yet to pay him. Anthem Sports, who entered into a credit relationship with TNA earlier this week, responded to Corgan’s claims on Twitter:

Corgan shortly responded:

  • Killswitch

    That was hilarious.

  • CC

    Did you see that TNA tweeted about what match fans would like to see at the next PPV, and Joey Styles tweeted “A TNA ownership on a pole match” … TNA blocked him for that.
    Cant even take a joke.

  • Orkyboy

    Indeed. One or the other must be Deleted!

  • Killswitch

    Instead of arguing with the Network of Fights on Twitter, he needs to settle this in the Zone of Impact.