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Anthem reportedly tried to sell Impact to AEW

Impact Wrestling

  • Sparti Love

    I hope they just sell the library to WWE. I’d love to watch the old stuff on the Network.

  • LBOneOfKind

    Is Anyone Surprised I’m Not cause this is 4th report about Anthem trying sell TNA IMPACT and wanting out of wrestling business. It aint been same company it use to be since Hogan and Bishoff came in to change stuff they shouldn’t of done and they sucked the life out of everything that made them good. Ever since every Regime and Owner including Anthem did not know how to get the old TNA back, so majority of old TNA fanbase left and stopped watching.

  • Mike the Ike

    Dude, I LITERALLY said I didn’t want it to be ECW. But if you’re in a blood feud or a cage match, how does blood NOT get spilled? And T&A may be a cheap way to garner ratings, but it works like gangbusters. I never said I want hardcore matches, I said I don’t want cruiserweights wrestling the WWE safe style that they do in WWE. I want them to wrestle like they did back in WCW or the early days of TNA when there were no rest holds.

  • Rinn13

    Sure kinda sounds like you want them to be ECW 3.0. Not a winning formula, IMO. Even in the “Attitude” era when that stuff was the most acceptable, ECW couldn’t manage to keep enough of an audience with that tacky stuff. Women humiliating themselves for ratings is lame, and that T&A garbage never had anything to do with wrestling. It was just a cheap way to garner ratings.

    And wrestlers shouldn’t be practically killing themselves with “hardcore” matches and stunts, to try and get ratings either. I fully agree Impact needs to find a niche, and that they 100% should go back to putting a major spotlight on the X Division like they once did. They should absolutely put the focus, IMO, on great matches, great wrestling, over soap opera drama and comedy skits, IE WWE.

    Either way, I’d like to see them stick around. I think they’ve come a long way from the garbage Dixie era. They have a solid roster and put on a good product now. They just need an owner/buyer that actually believes in and promotes them. If Anthem is so hot to sell, them, hey, maybe they should have sold to Billy Corgan when he wanted to buy them in the first damn place.

  • Mike the Ike

    Want to fix Impact? TV-14. More violence, more scantily clad women, and let the people say they hate one another. I’m not saying every match has to be a blood bath, I’m not saying bring back ECW where every match has weapons, I’m saying do everything WWE doesn’t do. WWE doesn’t let their cruiserweights go all out. Impact should. WWE doesn’t let guys blade. Impact should. WWE doesn’t sexualize their women. Impact should. I’m not saying just have women in their to be eye candy, still let them wrestle, but have the women rip each other’s tops off once in awhile. It’s supposed to be humiliating to have your clothes ripped off, that’s why tuxedo matches existed back in the day. So, have women tear at one another’s clothes or after a match to embarrass the other one. And do photo shoots with Lee South again.

  • CC

    Once again, I would take this story with a pinch of salt with regards to the offer to AEW.
    There are a lot of rumours around AEW and very few of them are substantial.

    As for Impact itself. Is it any wonder that they have found it difficult to find a network? From memory the only reason they even ended up on Pop was nobody wanted to pay them and Pop did a deal to show it for free.
    They obviously took the deal out of desperation and hoped that they could rebuild the brand and make it more valuable, but the recent move to a less desirable time slot just showed it still had little value to any potential buyer or network.
    Hell, even Anthem themselves have no faith if one of their own networks cannot even be bothered to give it a good time slot.

    Too much damage was done during the Carter era, and the only person likely to take much interest in a buy out is Vinnie Mac. And only so he can kill it off and keep the library.