Antonio McKee Accused Of Cheating With Drugs

Patricio Freire is furious and has now time at all for PED accusations or threats to his family. With that said, Freire has a big issue with the McKees as well as at the Bellator 263 pre-fight news conference Thursday, he exploded due to what has been being said about him and his family. Kamaru Usman To Leave UFC For Huge Fight.



A.J. McKee was Restrained by Bellator president Scott Coker and promotion staffers as he ended the press conference in a flurry of turned over furniture, drinks being thrown about, and swearing and trash talking.

Now, it should be noted that the altercation was physically started by Freire who took exception to PED accusations made by McKee’s father and head coach, Antonio.

Patricio Freire stated: “Things went south when he started to talk sh*t about respect. Everyone knows his father was saying to the media that I was on drugs. After that, he said something about (how he) would beat me in front of my family. I will make him show some respect for them. The last one who talked sh*t like this, I kicked his ass in less than a minute. Now, he deserves the same thing.”

Patricio Freire then fumed and stated that Antonio should be accused of PED use.

Freire: “I don’t know, he has 60 (years). He is stronger than me, so he’s on drugs, too? Maybe? I don’t know what he wants. I’m 34. F*ck, man. I’m not 60 or 40. I’m a competitor and still a little bit fat. F*ck, man. He’s afraid of what will happen.”

When the dust was settled, there was one last statement.

Patricio Freire closed: “I’m going to kick his a** up.”

Special thanks to MMAJunkie for the transcription.

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