Apollo Crews loses his surname

WWE changed Apollo Crews’ name to “Apollo” today on WWE.com. Apollo’s change can be seen on the roster section of the website, as well as his Twitter.



This isn’t the first time the WWE has dropped part of a superstar’s name, and Apollo is at the end of a long line of stars who recently had a name change, with stars such as Big E, Cesaro, and, most recently, Elias. Many wrestlers who go through this process are usually doing so at the request of Vince McMahon, who often feels certain names sound better when shortened.

The name change is interesting at this point in Apollo’s career. The Titus Worldwide member has been having some good exposure on Raw recently, facing off against top talents in an effort to enter the Elimination Chamber, as well as teaming with Titus to take on the Bar.

While he’s come up short in these recent endeavors, it’s clear that the WWE has a new found appreciation for Apollo, at least as a mid-card talent. Maybe dropping his surname is a sign of good things to come.

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