Arn Anderson Fired After Allowing Intoxicated WWE Superstar to Perform

We have some new details to pass along regarding Arn Anderson’s WWE firing. According to a report from Wrestling Inc., Anderson was let go after an incident at a live event with Alicia Fox.



Fox apparently showed up to a live event while intoxicated. Anderson, who was the agent for her match that night, allowed her to perform nonetheless. Going along with Dave Meltzer’s report on the situation, Vince McMahon was furious with Anderson after he found out. He was subsequently given his walking papers from the company.

Anderson had been with WWE since WCW went out of business and was purchased by the company in 2001. He occasionally appeared in backstage segments and got physical during the WWE Starrcade event in 2017. He delivered one of his trademark spinebusters to Dolph Ziggler.

As for what will be done with Fox, that remains unclear. She was backstage for last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

What do you think about Anderson getting fired after allowing an intoxicated Fox to perform?

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