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Arn Anderson on WWE’s mistakes handling AEW

Arn Anderson

  • Keith Learmonth

    This makes literally no sense. The only two they’ve brought “down” are Finn and Charlotte, Finn turned fully heel, and changed up his style. Charlotte is very deliberately being presented as an outsider. Neither of these add up to what Arn is on about.

  • CC

    I have utmost respect for Arn, but he is talking out of his backside here.
    Balor is the most established talent down in NXT to go back, and that was at his own request.
    Fandango and Breeze hardly wrestled on the main roster other than to job to peoplem, and Wolfe & Dain had it even worse, as Sanity managed only a handful of appearances.

    As for Charlotte, how many appearances has she even made in NXT to far?

    All of these “main roster” guys are hardly the main driving force on NXT anyway, so not sure what has changed by having them down there.