Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits To Using Dangerous Drugs

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the renowned actor, former bodybuilder, and ex-governor of California, has chosen to speak out against steroid abuse among bodybuilders, drawing from his own personal experience with performance-enhancing drugs. In a candid interview for the cover story of Men’s Health magazine, Schwarzenegger revealed that he had used steroids in the past, including substances like Dianabol and testosterone, which are popular among bodybuilders.



The 75-year-old icon disclosed that during his own usage, he took 100 milligrams of testosterone per week and consumed three Dianabol pills daily, equivalent to a total of 15 milligrams. However, Schwarzenegger was quick to emphasize that his previous usage pales in comparison to the widespread steroid abuse prevalent in the present day. It is worth noting that until 1990, when the Anabolic Steroids Control Act was passed by Congress, the use of steroids was not illegal.

One hundred milligrams a week,” he told the outlet of his testosterone usage, “and then three Dianabol a day, so that was 15 milligrams a day.”

Schwarzenegger stressed that he had always taken these performance-enhancing drugs under the supervision of a doctor. He reflected on how bodybuilding was once regarded as a safe sport, but lamented the dangerous turn it has taken. People are now losing their lives due to drug overdoses and the lack of knowledge about proper usage. The actor expressed concern that individuals are seeking advice from unqualified sources and urged them to consult reputable medical professionals like those at UCLA or the Cleveland Clinic.

While acknowledging that he might not be the perfect messenger given his own history, Schwarzenegger urged today’s bodybuilders to prioritize their health and refrain from using steroids altogether. He cautioned against the temptation to take shortcuts in pursuit of success, emphasizing the long-lasting consequences that can accompany drug abuse. Schwarzenegger shared stories of individuals he has encountered who have undergone kidney transplants and suffered greatly as a result of their choices.

Bodybuilding always, always was considered a safe sport. But now it’s not. Now people are dying — they’re dying because of overdoses of drugs and they don’t know what the f— they’re doing,” he said. “They’re listening to charlatans. If I want to get medical advice from a doctor, I go to UCLA or I go to the Cleveland Clinic.”

Recognizing the limitations of his authority to speak on the matter, Schwarzenegger humbly acknowledged his own past and his evolving perspective. Nowadays, his fitness routine differs significantly from his bodybuilding days. He visits Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California for his morning workouts, aiming to maintain his health and vitality, primarily for his movie roles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s candid revelation and heartfelt plea serve as a reminder of the risks associated with steroid abuse in the pursuit of physical perfection. Through his own journey and the lessons he has learned, he hopes to inspire young people to prioritize their well-being and make informed decisions about their own bodies. By sharing his experiences, he seeks to prevent others from making the same mistakes and suffering the potentially devastating consequences of drug misuse.

Don’t go there,” he said. “Yes, we are at a time now where we always look for the easy way to make money, the fast way to get rich, the easy way to be an influencer. Anytime you abuse the body, you’re going to regret it. So I just want young people to know that I have seen people getting kidney transplants and suffering tremendously from it.”

“I recognize the fact that, who am I to say this?” Schwarzenegger added.

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