Arnold Schwarzenegger Brutally Attacks His Father

According to CNN, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken out against hate and antisemitism, drawing from his own family history to urge others to reject these harmful ideologies. Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria in 1947 and moved to the US in 1968, has been vocal about his father’s involvement with the Nazi party during World War II. He believes that his father, like millions of others, was sucked into a hate system through lies and deceit, leading to the atrocities and millions of deaths that occurred during the war.



In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Schwarzenegger emphasized the need for love to conquer hate. He also expressed concern over the rise of hate crimes and antisemitism in the US, citing recent data from the Anti-Defamation League and the FBI. Although he did not know the exact reasons for this trend, he believed that toning down the rhetoric could help mitigate the problem.

“My father was, and so many other millions of men were, sucked into a hate system through lies and deceit. And so, we have seen where that leads,” Schwarzenegger told CNN’s Dana Bash in an exclusive interview, after earlier telling her at a forum at the University of Southern California that he had been “born with a father that was a Nazi.”

“I’ve seen it firsthand how broken this man’s – this man were,” he continued. “The kinds of atrocities that happened. How many millions of people had to die and then they ended up losers … in the Confederacy, losers, as they all have, this just doesn’t work. I mean, let’s just go and get along. And love is more powerful than hate.”

When asked about former President Donald Trump’s potential candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, Schwarzenegger stated that he was not concerned and did not believe Trump could win another term. He criticized the Republican party for not presenting a new talent or face that could lead the country in a more reasonable and intelligent manner.

Schwarzenegger also drew comparisons between the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol and Kristallnacht, a violent rampage by the Nazi regime against Jewish communities in Germany and Austria in 1938. He called the insurrection a dangerous moment that nearly resulted in the loss of democracy and warned against taking the situation lightly. Instead, he emphasized the need to learn from history and take the issue seriously.

In all, Schwarzenegger’s message is one of hope and caution. He hopes that his family history and personal experiences can serve as an example to others, urging them to reject hate and embrace love. He also believes that learning from the past can help prevent the repetition of harmful ideologies and actions.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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