Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Egg Thrown At Him In Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger once got an egg thrown at him in 2003. This was when the politician-turned-bodybuilder was at a rally during the time when he stood for re-election for the governor.



Schwarzenegger won the election and became the governor of California. The man is not only known for his dedication to his craft as a bodybuilder, but also for his personality and charisma. Even though he got an egg hurled at him, which is something that is highly disrespectful to do to a political figure, Schwarzenegger took it in stride and instead made a joke about it.

Showing his sense of humor, Schwarzenegger said, “Well, this guy owes me bacon now, I mean there is no two ways about it because I mean you can’t just have eggs without bacon.”

The seven-time Mr Olympia winner showed his charisma and the ability to even turn an insulting incident to make his image look better.

The champion bodybuilder also started a monthly newsletter in 2021, where he keeps his fans in the loop by providing stories and interesting tidbits. He also takes questions from fans, which he then answers in his newsletter. In the second edition of his newsletter, he looked back on an incident that he was forever grateful for. You can read that here.

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