Arnold Schwarzenegger Humiliated By Mom In Video

When you think about the legendary career and build of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you would never imagine that the half-man and half-machine would ever have any fear for another human or cyborg on this planet or in this universe; but you would be wrong to assume that.



Yes, at one point, Arnold did have a fear that was in mortal form and that was of his own father.

Arnold shared a very close bond with his mother, Aurelia Schwarzenegger. His mother has seen him grow from a little child to a legendary man. Once his mother revealed, he had to sleep in the barn occasionally to avoid confrontation with his father as Arnold was very quick to shy away from confrontations.

In 1991, when Schwarzenegger reached the peak of his career with the great movies, a magazine decided to cover his unleashed expectations of life. So they created a cover story named ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger – A Portrait.’ This was undoubtedly the pinnacle of his film career and took place around the time of Terminator 2.

The main impression of this cover story was to show everyone his roots, which helped him grow to this level. However, as the team reached the house of Schwarzenegger in Austria, Arnold’s mother didn’t allow the team to click the pictures of their house. Instead of this house, his mother, Aurelia, wanted them to look at the new house he had brought for her.

The team also went on and revealed a fact about the legendary bodybuilder’s life that not many knew about. According to Schwarzenegger’s mother, “When he was 14 years old, he would slip out when his father was sleeping, hitch to a football stadium, and lift weights there before coming home for a short nap. He would spend the night in the barn if shut out.” Maybe those sleepless nights of sleeping in the barn helped him shape his legacy.

Arnold’s mother was his strongest supporter, even though he had an unpleasant bonding with his father. From time to time, Arnold has added how his mother is the biggest part of his grand success. Some time ago, as the legend turned 75-year-old, he emotionally recalled his mother like a young kid.

The seven-time Mr. Olympia winner took to his Twitter handle. He wrote, “Today my mother, Aurelia, would have been 100. She was the best mother you can imagine, and I’ll always love her.”

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