Arnold Schwarzenegger Marrying Younger Girlfriend?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Heather Milligan aren’t tying the knot or haven’t been engaged as was reported by many media outlets. The grapevine had this information thanks to a rock on Heather’s fingers. While some thought that it’s an engagement ring, the people close to the situation state that it’s not the case.



It’s interesting to know that Arnold and Heather are still far off from the engagement. This is because the two can be seen travelling together at all times, just like in marriage.

According to TMZ, Heather met Arnold when he visited her company, Elite OrthoSport in 2012. Heather is a highly successful physical therapist, and has been with Arnold since 2013.

The road for them to be together is also clear as Arnold’s divorce from Maria Shriver was finalized in 2021. This happened 10 years after she filed for divorce.

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger marry Heather Milligan?

This is a question that needs answering and only two people can answer this question, Arnold and Heather. The rest is a mere speculation. There’s no word from either parties if they would tie the knot or not.

Heather and Arnold have affinity towards each other and it would be interesting to see them become one happy couple. There’s no word yet on when, not if, they will tie the knot. It needs to be seen if they make an official announcement on their relationship.

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