Arnold Schwarzenegger Rejected WWE Star On Plane

Vince McMahon recently made his return to WWE as the Executive Chairman. Apart from Stephanie McMahon resigning from the company and her post as co-CEO, two other big names, Adam Hopkins and Stefanie Fiondella, were also let go. Both were Vice Presidents of Communications and were allegedly let go because of Mr. McMahon.



New reports have emerged regarding Vince McMahon. One of the fans on Reddit noted Dick Ebersol’s autobiography “From Saturday Night to Sunday Night,” and there are some WWE tidbits in there.

It was noted that Ebersol wouldn’t have met Vince if it wasn’t for David Letterman, who had used Vince on his show and enthused how Ebersol would love him.

Saturdays Night Main Event started as a 50-50 joint venture between Dick and Vince. Ebersol produced all the interviews and backstage skits. Randy Savage would call Ebersol the day after most SNMEs wanting the early ratings:

“Ebbberrsoll,” came his signature, hoarse baritone over the phone. “Have you gotten the oooovernights yet?”

Jesse Ventura, Dick, and Vince rented a private plane and flew from Detroit to Mexico in a failed attempt to persuade Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a guest referee for WrestleMania III.

He gave up his stake in SNME when he became president of NBC Sports and gave Vince full ownership for no charge. He later partnered with Vince on the XFL and still has every team jacket in his home office.

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