Arnold Schwarzenegger Sad Bank Payment Revealed

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a legendary actor in the action genre. He is also a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner. However, he had to struggle before earning success in life.  The champion bodybuilder found a new way to interact with his fans through his monthly newsletter.



Arnold started his monthly newsletter in 2021. After releasing its first edition, Arnold was keen to update his fans with more such incidents from his life. He urged his fans to send his questions, which he would answer through his newsletter.

In the second edition of the newsletter titled, ‘Well Here We Are Again’, he recalled an incident for which he was forever grateful.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recalls getting monetary help from Hall of Fame boxer

Arnold recalled when he hosted an international competition along with legendary bodybuilder Franco Columbu in Los Angeles, California. As it was during the early stages of their career, they fell short of money to buy trophies. However, someone in their acquaintance urged them to call the famous boxer Sugar Ray Robinson. “Without even thinking about it, he gave us a couple thousand dollars to get the trophies. Think about that generosity,” he wrote. 

Robinson accepted their request without hesitation. Arnold received monetary support from the Hall of Famer American boxer when he wasn’t a millionaire himself.  When Arnold became successful, he returned Sugar’s favor by supporting his foundation.

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Barry Russell
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