Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotted With UFC Star

The legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently spotted with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. The Cameroonian’s size and power are part of what made him a champion.



Ngannou’s size is so formidable that bodybuilding legend and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger had to acknowledge it. ‘The Terminator’ posed for a picture with ‘The Predator’ recently. The difference in their sizes was as surprising to ‘Arnie’ as it was to the fans.

To add insult to injury, the 6 ft 2 former Mr. Olympia posed alongside another athlete bigger than himself and Ngannou, making himself the smallest figure in the frame. The 75-year-old took to Twitter to give a cheeky description of the picture himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger looks short in the photo

NFL star Mekhi Becton recently shared a picture with Francis Ngannou and Arnold Schwarzenegger on his Twitter. In the caption, he wrote, “Just coolin with some GOATS!!!” The New York Jets offensive lineman looked thrilled to be in the company of the two iconic figures.

In a response to Becton, Schwarzenegger wrote, “It was great meeting you my man!” Becton replied, “It was great meeting you as well!!! Hope we cross paths again!!!

In another quoted tweet, the 7-time Mr. Olympia made a joke about their size differences. He wrote, “Now I know how Danny feels.”

The veteran actor was likely referring to fellow actor Danny DeVito. DeVito and Schwarzenegger worked together on the 1988 film Twins. ‘The Austrian Oak’ was taking a friendly swipe at the 4 ft 10 DeVito with his comment. However, he did have a point. Ngannou and Becton made Schwarzenegger look like the DeVito among them. Ngannou is a tall frame that stands 6 ft 4 inches tall. Becton is bigger than both of the others in the picture with a 6 ft 7 inches figure.

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