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Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About WWE 2K16, Dean Ambrose, And Brock Lesnar

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently spoke with to promote WWE 2K16. Here are the highlights:

What would your wrestling name have been if you went to the WWE? Would you have wanted to be a good guy or a villain? Which have you enjoyed more in film?

Maybe the Austrian Oak, which is what people called me in bodybuilding. I think I would have been a good guy, not a heel. But I’ve loved playing both – I’m the only person on both the “Best Villains” and “Best Heroes” list as Terminator.”

Not mine, but a character I have fought: the Predator. Can you imagine the Predator jumping into the ring?”

In your prime, who is stronger between you and WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar?

I’ve stood next to Brock. He is a monster. I am not sure I would want to ever compete in a lifting tournament with someone that big.”

Who would win in an actual bar brawl: You or Dean Ambrose?

Dean did a great job as an actor in that scene, but let’s be clear – he doesn’t have a chance against the Terminator.”

What is it about your many roles that has audiences wanting to see them again and again? We’ve also had returns to the Predator and Total Recall universes in recent years.

I think the characters connect with people, and I’m so honored they want to see them again. People love the humor mixed in with the strength. It humanizes the action hero, which I think is so important.”

You can read the entire interview here.