Arnold Schwarzenegger Warns Fans With Tupac In Video

Arnold posted a video of him in the 1970’s leading up to the Mr. Olympia which he would go on to win a total of seven times. With this, Arnold would be known as the greatest bodybuilder of all time.



He would post (along with the Tupac laden track, California Love: “When I tell people to do the full range of motion on every exercise and not cheat themselves, this is what I mean.”

The video would then show him lifting weights and doing a complete full range of motion, albeit, maybe even a bit too much range of motion as he swings the weights up above his head.

Arnold then wrote that he is going even deeper into the world of fitness, a world that he helped to pioneer.

He said: “I’ve had a great time going through my archives for the next step in my fitness crusade and I can’t wait to share more. Link in my bio to learn more.”

When you click on the link in Arnold’s bio, you’re taken to a landing page on his website which has a selection to choose from. Aside from signing up for the email list, it looks like what Arnold was alluding to with the next phase in fitness is his online fitness training, which will be launching in due-time.

In the past, Arnold did have a partnership with and Muscle Pharm, but it seems that those deals have ended. With those deals ending, it looks like Arnold wants to capitalize and make programs on his own accord rather than going through other avenues.

There’s no word on if Arnold will release supplements of his own, but it may be something that comes as well down the line.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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