Arnold Schwarzenegger Warns Snoop Dogg In Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for many things. Not only has he achieved so much in the bodybuilding world as well as moving into his own as an action star, but he has also been the center of attention for many years as well. In fact, Arnold has made some of the most appearances when it comes to interviews on television stations across the world.



When we take a step back to 2003, Arnold was seen with Snoop Dogg. In the clip, Arnold acknowledges Snoop’s many rhyming talents. Arnold then says that there may be a word that he would find hard to rhyme with “Schwarzenegger”.

Arnold says: “I think he’s gonna have a difficult time finding a word to the rhymes with Schwarzenegger.”

Snoop Dogg began to laugh and made it clear that it would not be difficult for him to find a word that rhymes with the Terminator’s last name.

This appearance was also not one in vain. Once during a speech at the University of Houston in 2017, Arnold expressed gratitude towards a few people, including Jay Leno. Apart from him, Arnold listed the names of numerous persons who had aided him along the way, including his parents and instructors. In addition, he mentioned the people at Gold’s Gym, his lifeguard, Joe Weider, and his fans.

Not only has Arnie made a huge burst onto almost every scene that there is, but Snoop Dogg has as well. In addition, the rapper has a sizable list of film appearances, including ‘Training Day.’ He also contributed his unique slang to ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘The Boondocks,’ two animated programs.

This duo would do great together in a comedic based role and we surely hope that it happens sooner rather than later. Below, you can check out the clip below from the above statements.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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