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Asuka comments on being the champion with longest winning streak in WWE, Goldberg responds


With this Saturday’s Championship victory during NXT Takeover: Chicago, NXT Women’s Champion Asuka’s undefeated streak reached a compelling number of 177-0 in WWE.

That’s 22 more matches than the WCW Veteran Goldberg’s undefeated streak which lasted for a whopping 155 matches before being broken by Kevin Nash.

Though surprisingly, till now WWE hadn’t acknowledged this fact from an official stage. The first official acknowledgement came yesterday night by the Champion herself when she tweeted out about being the undefeated champion with the longest winning streak in WWE:

Soon enough after this tweet, the former record holder Goldberg replied with a tweet of his own and said that the streak is in good hands:

It’s worth noticing that WWE is quite manipulative when it comes to numbers and the reason why they didn’t acknowledge Asuka crossing Goldberg’s streak yet could be because they are planning something big for her.

Now as the company seems to be ready to acknowledge the current NXT Women’s Champion as the champion with the longest winning streak, we may see a big celebration coming for Asuka at the upcoming episodes of NXT.

  • CC

    Whatever Goldturds total was, it was not genuine. The time scale they were talking about it would have been impossible to rack up that many wins.

  • David Wells

    Might have been, I know it was around 175 not 155!

  • MrDr3w

    I thought he was 173-0…

  • MrDr3w

    With Val Venis as the special guest referee.

  • David Wells

    I thought Greenberg was 175-0!

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    She probably will lose to Embar Moon at the next NXT Take Over as I think they move Asuka to the main roster in the fall. I thinking Monday night Raw.

  • D2K

    ……on GTV.

  • MrDr3w

    …and then have that head fall off to reveal it to be Harvey Wippleman. In drag.

    Better yet, have the Anonymous Raw GM laptop make the match.

  • D2K

    ……and if anyone can beat that it would definitely be WWE. They are liable to have the Yeti dressed as the Shockmaster burst through a wall with a taser with the intentions of using it on Asuka only to fall, have the helmet fall off and reveal it to be the Gobbledy-gooker.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Worse than a taser being used as the finish? That will be hard to beat….

  • D2K

    Knowing WWE her first loss will be under the stupidest circumstances possible…………….