August 1st – UWF’s Final Extravaganza

August 1st



On this day in history in ….

1963 – Eddie Graham defeats Hiro Matsuda for the (Florida) Southern Heavyweight Title in Jacksonville, Florida, beginning his fourth reign with the title.

1974 – Bulldog Bob Brown defeats Harley Race in Kansas City, Kansas for the Central States Heavyweight Title. This ended Race’s sixth reign with the belt, and started Brown’s fifth title run.

1982 – Harley Race defeats Jumbo Tsuruta for the NWA United National Heavyweight Title (now part of the All Japan Triple Crown) in Tokyo, Japan. This ended Tsuruta’s fourth reign with the belt.

1987 – Bill Watts’ UWF held their final “Superdome Extravaganza” at the Superdome in New Orleans. Watts’ had run several supercards at the Superdome over the years, with it peaking in the early 80’s, when Mid-South Wrestling (as the promotion was known then) drew up to 30,000 fans for shows with Junkyard Dog, Ted DiBiase and the Freebirds. This show drew 5,000 fans, up from two previous Dome shows Watts had run, but far less than the peak events. Watts would soon sell the promotion to WCW. Here are the results:
– Shane Douglas defeated Gary Young.
– Davey Haskins defeated Mike Boyette.
– Terry Gordy defeated The Angel Of Death.
– Terry Taylor defeated Steve Cox.
– Barry Windham defeated Shaska Watley.
– Rick Steiner defeated Chris Adams in a Taped Fist match.
– Sting defeated The Enforcer.
– Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong defeated The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) via disqualification.
– Dusty Rhodes & Steve Williams defeated Eddie Gilbert & Dick Murdoch in a Double Bullrope match.
– The Fabulous Freebirds defeated Black Bart, Big Bubba Rogers & The Terminator in a First Blood Elimination Steel Cage match, in which wrestlers were eliminated when they were busted open. Order of elimination was: Buddy Roberts, The Terminator, Michael Hayes, Black Bart, Bubba Rogers. Terry Gordy was the sole survivor.

1996 – W*ING Kanemura defeats Masato Tanaka in a tournament final in Shiodome, Japan to become the first FMW Independent World Heavyweight Champion.

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