August 27th – ECW Debuts on TNN

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1990 – WWF held their Summerslam Pay-per-view at The Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here are the results:
– Hercules & Paul Roma defeated The Rockers via countout.
– Kerry Von Erich defeated Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig to win the WWF Intercontinental Title. Von Erich was a replacement for Brutus Beefcake, who had been seriously injured in a parasailing accident. This would be Von Erich’s only championship in the WWF.
– Sherri Martel defeated Sapphire via forfeit when she didn’t appear for the match. It was later revealed that Sapphire had joined with Ted DiBiase, leaving Dusty Rhodes.
– The Warlord defeated Tito Santana.
– The Hart Foundation defeated Demolition (Smash & Crush) in three falls to win the WWF World Tag Team Title. Demolition won the first fall when Crush pinned Hart, the Foundation won the second fall when Demolition was disqualified, and the Foundation won the third fall when Hart pinned Crush after an appearance by the Legion Of Doom. Interesting to note that in the past, if a disqualification took place during a three fall tag title match, the title would not change hands in the WWF, however that rule was inexplicably changed for this bout.
– Jake Roberts defeated Bad News Brown via disqualification.
– Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Nikolai Volkoff defeated The Orient Express.
– Randy Savage defeated Dusty Rhodes in under three minutes when Ted DiBiase and Sapphire distracted him.
– Hulk Hogan defeated Earthquake via countout.
– WWF World Champion The Ultimate Warrior defeated Rick Rude in a steel cage match.

1990 – The Snowman is stripped of the USWA Unified Heavyweight Title after no-showing a title defense.

1994 – A pivotal moment in the history of wrestling, as Eastern Championship Wrestling became Extreme Championship Wrestling during a show at the ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show was based around a tournament to determine a new NWA World Champion (ECW was an NWA member at the time). Current ECW Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas won the tournament, but threw down the NWA belt and proclaimed himself the ECW WORLD Heavyweight Champion. The name change from Eastern to Extreme took place, and the NWA, represented by the late Dennis Coraluzzo, was left confused. ECW had legitimately swerved the NWA with the whole angle, to the point that Coraluzzo even taped an interview for ECW television afterwards, not realizing he was playing right into their hands. ECW separated from the NWA and began the “Era Of Extreme”. Here are the results of the show:
First Round:
– 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Chris Benoit.
– 911 defeated Doink The Clown (Matt Borne)
– Dean Malenko defeated Osamu Nishimura.
– Shane Douglas defeated The Tazmaniac.
– 2 Cold Scorpio defeated 911 via countout.
– Shane Douglas defeated Dean Malenko.
– Shane Douglas defeated 2 Cold Scorpio to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title, but threw it down and proclaimed himself the first ECW World Heavyweight Champion.
– Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck (subbing for Terry Funk) defeated The Public Enemy to win the ECW World Tag Team Championship.

1995 – WWE held their Summerslam Pay-per-view from the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here are the results:
– Hakushi defeated The 1-2-3 Kid.
– Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Bob Holly.
– The Smoking Gunns defeated Eli & Jacob Blu (Ron & Don Harris).
– Barry Horowitz defeated Skip (Chris Candido).
– Bertha Faye defeated Alundra Blayze to win the WWF Women’s Title.
– The Undertaker defeated Kama in a Casket Match.
– Bret Hart defeated Isaac Yankem (Kane) via disqualification.
– WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Razor Ramon in a ladder match.
– WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Mabel.

1999 – ECW get their first national cable television show, debuting on TNN (now SpikeTV) with a one hour show on Friday nights at 8pm. The first edition is a recap of the history of ECW, and an airing of the Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn ECW Television Title match from the Hardcore Heaven Pay-per-view. The show earned a 0.9 rating. During it’s run from August of 1999 to October of 2000, the shows ratings would range from a low of 0.7 to a high of 1.3.

2000 – WWF held their Summerslam Pay-per-view in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Entertainment & Sports Complex. Here are the results:
– Steven Richards, The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan defeated Too Cool & Rikishi.
– X-Pac defeated Road Dogg.
– Eddie Guerrero & Chyna defeated Val Venis & Trish Stratus when Chyna pinned Stratus. As a result, Chyna won the WWF Intercontinental Title from Venis, starting her third reign with the belt.
– Jerry Lawler defeated Tazz.
– Steve Blackman defeated Shane McMahon to win the WWF Hardcore Title.
– Chris Benoit beat Chris Jericho in a three fall match. Benoit won via submission in the first fall, Jericho forced Benoit to submit in the second fall, and Benoit pinned Jericho to win the third fall.
– WWF World Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian defeated The Dudley Boyz and Matt & Jeff Hardy in a Tables, Ladders, And Chairs Match.
– The Kat defeated Terri in a Stinkface match.
– The Undertaker vs. Kane ended in a no contest.
– WWF World Heavyweight Champion The Rock defeated Kurt Angle and Triple H in a Triple Threat match.

2001 – The Hurricane defeats Matt Hardy for the WWF European Title in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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