Austin Aries on why he left WWE

The sudden WWE departure of Austin Aries back in July this year created a lot of rumors. Initial reports said that Austin was unhappy with his position in the company and so he asked for his release.



Though later it was reported that it was WWE who released the former Champion because he apparently had heat with WWE writers and other stars backstage.

However, during his appearance on former WWE Star MVP’s podcast, Aries denied all these rumors indirectly and said that he left WWE because of various injuries and neck issues.

Austin said that he wants to take time off from wrestling and transit into a talking role such as being a radio personality because he liked doing commentary while he was still in WWE.

Commenting on the rumors of WWE officials being unhappy with him, the former TNA World Champion said that he doesn’t know if he had any backstage heat.

Austin Aries’ non compete clause with WWE ends on October 5th, though after his latest comments it doesn’t look very likely that he will return to wrestling immediately afterward.


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