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Austin Aries recommends Impact Wrestling for jaded WWE talent

Austin Aries

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived has been on a pretty great run since leaving the WWE back in 2017. Now known as the Belt Collector, Austin Aries has spent the past year picking up championships from various promotions like Defiant Wrestling and DEFY Wrestling.

However, Aries made a real splash when he returned to Impact Wrestling, where he would capture the Impact World Championship on his first day back with the company. Aries has been incredibly successful outside of the WWE and has a message for those who feel stuck in the company.

I mean, listen. If there’s a number of men and women over there who feel they’re in a position where they’re spinning their wheels, or maybe not getting the opportunities they feel they earned that are immensely talented, I’m not gonna name names but I think anyone in that position who wants to better themselves, I think Impact Wrestling provides a platform that’s not gonna tie you down and lock you in. They’ll give you the opportunities to actually go and prove that.

They can go and do that, also, independently across the world. It’s a unique opportunity. Listen, there’s a lot – they have a huge roster, and there’s a lot of talent on there. There’s only so many spots and so many hours of TV. So you know, I’m sure there are people who feel like they’re getting left out or they’re not getting the shots that they want.

And if they find themselves free and clear, that’s cool. There’s a nice vibrate professional landscape right now for people to go out and apply their craft.

The wrestling world does seem to be going through another golden age at the moment. Maybe not as far as numbers regarding the WWE’s audience, but wrestling as a whole is definitely going through a pretty big revolution right now. For a long time, leaving the WWE meant that your pro wrestling career was almost certainly over. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

There are tons of places for wrestlers to go should they feel underappreciated in the WWE. Is Impact the best place for that? I’m not so sure. But if someone was going to try to risk a career with the WWE to better themselves and make some serious money, like Sami Callihan and Juice Robinson have done, now’s definitely a good time to do it.

  • David Keller

    And once again, Impact plays like a broken record. Another wrestler departs WWE and in their very first match in TNA, the title gets hot-shotted. No wonder they cannot make any money. You can’t draw money without a good build to a title switch.

  • CC

    As far as Impact goes, it is kind of a catch 22. While yes you can be the big fish there, it is still a very little pond. Thankfully, Aries has more strings to his bow than just wrestling there.

    Let’s be honest, while AJ Styles and Samoa Joe made their names in TNA, it was wrestling in the likes of RoH and Japan as well that really helped them get on the radar as far as WWE is concernced.
    When AJ went to Japan and did the Bulletclub thing, it really put him in the spotlight as far as WWE talent scouting was concerned. You can also bet your bottom dollar that had he only really made his name in TNA, he would not be offered as much money and could very well have found himself in NXT first and not even WWE champ by now.

    Personally I think Aries profile does more for Impact than Impact does for his profile.