Austin Aries wants to take a break from WWE

Austin Aries hasn’t appeared on WWE TV ever since he suffered a loss at the hands of Cruiserweight Champion Neville during the Extreme Rules PPV.



Now it appears that he may be taking some time off from WWE. A-Double recently appeared on the Busted open Radio and agreed to the reports that he is dealing with some nagging injuries:

“I’ve got some stuff going on, but just to be fair you could probably say that for a lot of the locker room. It’s kind of part of what we do, I don’t think anyone is ever 100%.”

Continuing on the topic, Aries said that at this point it might be a good time for him to take a short break to adjust some things and  then come back to figure out what’s gonna be next:

“So I got a couple things going on and obviously at this point it might be a good time to take a little break which really could consist of two days to just adjust some of those things, try and get my mind and my body right and then come back and figure out what’s gonna be next and what the direction’s gonna be.”

While these comments do not necessarily mean that Austin Aries would take a break from WWE, considering that the company doesn’t appear to have any big plans for him in place, it’s the most likely scenario.

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