Austin-Punk News from the WWE ’13 Reveal, WWE Stars Host Screening

– Randy Orton, David Otunga and The Miz worked WWE Studios’ screening of The Day in Los Angeles last night, in front of several hundred fans. The movie hits theaters on August 29th but the cast of the movie is already pushing for a sequel or a prequel.



The Day actors Dominic Monaghan, Ashley Bell and Michael Eklund, plus director Doug Aarniokoski spoke at the screening. Aarniokoski revealed that they shot the movie in just two weeks.

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin was indeed in Los Angeles yesterday for the WWE ’13 roster reveal but at best we can tell, he did not appear for the crowd. Austin tweeted on his way to the event and noted that he hoped there were no “punks” there.

At the roster reveal, Punk asked the fans who would win between himself and Austin. The fans cheered Punk’s name, according to reports from those in attendance. They hyped the fact that Austin has signed 25,000 copies of the video game for the special Austin 3:16 collector’s edition.

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