Backstage Heat On SmackDown Diva, Afa Comments On The Rock’s Return

— Kaitlyn has been on hand for all recent SmackDown tapings, but has been sparingly used. It is said that some of the veteran female talent have chastised Kaitlyn for not paying her dues, but ironically, its products of the Diva Search that have been complaining.



— The synopsis for April’s WWE Classics on Demand programming: “All April, we’ll take you on an “Island Adventure” as we feature the hottest action with Superstars from the Tropics.”

— WWE Hall of Famer Afa The Wild Samoan has returned with his column “The Way I See It” on and spoke about the return of his nephew The Rock to the WWE. He wrote “I was real pleased when I heard the news that my nephew Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was to appear on Raw, and happy for the fans that he will host Wrestlemania 27. Although Dwayne reached mega success in Hollywood, he never lost his love for this great sport and I know that he enjoys every opportunity to reach his fans! Our sport is all about giving your all to your fans and coming home every chance you get.” (Read Column)


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