Backstage Interest in the Hart/DX Politics, Latest on Shane McMahon

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– Sources in WWE are interested to see how the politics will be with Triple H once Bret Hart is back in the company. Many are curious to see how diplomatic Triple H will be with the whole situation. Most feel that given the recent changes in his life, Shawn Michaels will get along fine and wouldn’t be surprised if he gave Hart an apology.

– The Wrestling Observer reports that a former WWE employee was with Shane McMahon at a non-wrestling function over the weekend. The friend notes that Shane was beyond relaxed and relieved. Shane didn’t say anything negative about WWE but did seem glad that his travel schedule was over. Shane gave no indication of what’s next for him besides spending more time with his family.

Apparently the meeting he had with UFC officials went well but it doesn’t look like anything further has came from it. The Observer notes that while Shane is pretty aware of UFC, his interest in MMA must be blown out of proportion as he didn’t know of MMA promotion Strikeforce, where they stand of their recent moves.

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