Backstage Jeff Hardy News, Update on Ric Flair Plans and More

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– TNA has added Tomko, Sean Morley, Ric Flair, The Nasty Boys and Orlando Jordan to their roster page. Still no sign of Scott Hall, Sean Waltman or Jeff Hardy on the roster.

– The basic idea in TNA with Ric Flair is for him to give rubs to other stars, starting with AJ Styles. Eventually this will lead to a program with Flair vs. Sting.

– As noted before, Jeff Hardy was telling people he chose TNA over a WWE return because of the easier schedule. Word is that Hardy’s contract with TNA doesn’t require him to work live events. The AAA promotion out of Mexico made a similar offer to Hardy but never made a firm money offer. Despite the indictment announcement and the appearance on iMPACT, people from WWE were still calling Hardy on January 5th trying to get him to change his mind.

Hardy’s indictment that was announced on the same day as his TNA return on January 4th was not talked about much at the iMPACT tapings the next day. Word is that Hardy’s legal troubles aren’t changing the company’s mind about bringing him in.

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