Backstage News: BG James & Jim Cornette On The Verge Of Being Released?

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There is still talk within TNA that agents BG James and Jim Cornette may be on the verge of being released. James is a longtime friend of Jeff Jarrett’s, and although he’s received favorable reviews for his job performance, some people still aren’t too happy with him being around. Cornette may or may not be a Jarrett ally depending on who you ask, but either way, he is paid both as an on-air talent and as a backstage agent, which is a strike against him.

As of right now, James and Cornette are the only two official agents with the company. Taz and head of talent relations Terry Taylor worked as agents at the recent TV tapings, and Taz is a strong candidate to permanently take the role. Taylor might become more involved with an agent role, but most believe he’s simply filling in for the time being.

Scott D’Amore was recently re-hired as an agent and Pat Kenny (Simond Dimond) is another likely candidate to be brought back.

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