Backstage news on Gauntlet match on Raw

The gauntlet match on this week’s episode of Raw is one of the hot topics coming out of WWE programming this week as it was unique in many ways.



Not only the company usually avoids putting a match of such length on TV but the decision of Seth Rollins getting back to back clean victories over Roman Reigns and John Cena was also something that many wouldn’t expect from a show run by Vince McMahon.

With the reports of Triple H taking over 205 Live, it was speculated that he must have had some influence on this decision but apparently, that’s not the case.

According to Pwinsider, it was Vince McMahon who originally pitched the idea of the gauntlet match and it was shocking to people when the Boss approved the near 2-hour length of the bout.

As we noted before Rollins’ clean victory over Roman Reigns might have been an indication of WWE’s plans after WrestleMania and it’s possible that the Architect will be the first person to challenge the Big Dog for the universal title after the show.

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