Backstage News on John Cena Possibly Winning the WWE Title, JBL & Cole Show, WWE Stock

– A trap is set to catch the infamous bunny in the latest episode of The JBL & Cole Show:



– WWE stock was up 0.26% on Friday, closing at $11.59 per share. The high was $11.64 and the low was $11.37.

– Regarding John Cena possibly winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title on Sunday, the plan as of over a week ago was for Cena to win the title but word today is that the plan may be changed after the SummerSlam poster leaked earlier this week. Apparently even if the finish is switched on Sunday and Cena doesn’t win the title just yet, the plan is still for Brock Lesnar vs. champion Cena to headline SummerSlam.


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