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Backstage News on John Cena’s Wrestlemania Opponent, Shane McMahon’s In-Ring Return, Top WWE Star Set to Turn Heel Soon

John Cena

– According to a report from F4WOnline, current plans for John Cena at Wrestlemania 33 later this year aren’t anything to get excited about. Cena isn’t expected to hold onto the title heading into the ‘Show Of Shows’ as he is set to defend the strap inside the Elimination Chamber match. Current plans have Cena dropping the belt to Bray Wyatt in the match, who will go on to defend the title against Randy Orton at Mania. Cena, however, is expected to work with a name such as Dolph Ziggler or Baron Corbin.

One other match being looked at is to pit former WWE Champ AJ Styles and SmackDown Live Commissioner ¬†Shane McMahon together¬†at Mania as well. Those plans have yet to be confirmed, but it’s looking like WWE Officials are leaning that way.

– According to a report from Dave Meltzer, former RAW Women’s Champ Sasha Banks has been acting rather heel-ish lately, because the plan as of now is to have her turn ‘fairly soon’.

  • Nicholas2778

    If they were smart they would do a John Cena vs Dean Ambrose at Wrestlemania. Did they not feel the heat between the two back in October.

  • Arnold Jackson

    If you and I were running a wrestling company, i would absolutely agrre with you. Sadly we arent and its undeniable that the UFC does have an influence on how the industry has booked things the last few years. All that aside i do agree with you that fast title changes hurts the wrestlers more than anything else. What happened to the broken mystic of Charlotte and Sasha being prime examples.

  • Killswitch

    I wouldn’t point to the UFC to adopt precidents for WWE, since the two are pretty different in a lot of ways.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Hey in real life the UFC/boxing titles are changing hands all the time. Didn’t the women’s UFC title change hands for 3-4 fights in a row. Worse-case, this will make you appreciate a long run out of someone, instead the predicable of someone wins the title then you know the next PPV defense is a waste of time because you know they always win the rematch and next feud before there is any chance of them losing it.

  • MrDr3w


  • Atj20

    Dean vs Shane wohld be better. Have em go crazy in the chamber match when he’s eliminated and refuse to leave, then shane comes down to get him and gets knocked down as well, Shane vs Dean (street fight) at mania thus giving shane the opportunity to do some crazy spots like he’s known for, nd Dean gets to be in an actual fight compared to last years disappointment against lesnar.

  • D2K

    And I love it…

  • D2K

    Without some-type of gimmick it’s a pointless match.

  • Killswitch

    I just have an issue with the hot-potatoing of the title. It should not change hands 3 PPVs in a row.

  • CC

    I think Cena not facing Orton at Mania is very much something to get excited about.

  • CC

    she is a full on lunatic heel again.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Love to see a long title run and reunion of Harper/Rowen/Wyatt BUT I think he drops the belt to a Face Orton at Mania. Maybe this is finally the start to the Bruiser Brody push for Harper that he has probably deserved for years and dropped the ball with last time he was solo.

  • Arnold Jackson

    And Alicia Fox seems like a tweener/heel with her 205 storyline.

  • M

    Was hoping that top star turning heel would be Reigns. Everything after losing the title match at the Rumble screamed heel all over but the chance of that happening is one in a million. Sasha is a horrible face, she should have stayed heel. This rumble appears hopeless, out of all the people they could have got over with winning it, they give it to Orton to most likely lose. Since 2008, only Sheamus and Cena are the only Rumble Winners who have gone on to win the belt at Mania. Last years doesn’t count for anything other than a waste of time. Winning the Rumble is starting to feel pointless, if the winner is going to lose then win the title at a lower level ppv.

  • BB

    I’m still choked about the idea of Styles vs. Shane. Who wants to see that match?!

  • wwemrpeeps85

    So Bayley Alicia will be the only faces ?

  • Killswitch

    As long as Bray retains at Mania, I’m okay with this. I hope this happens, even though Orton lost most of their matches in their feud. It’s also frustrating how they only let Cena win the title just to be 16 time champion, similar to how they’ve been breaking records belonging to Demolition, and dropping the title to Sheamus/Cesaro shortly after.