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Backstage News on Kofi Kingston, Reaction to Kane-Bryan, More

– There are lots of good tickets still available for tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings from Buffalo, New York at the First Niagara Center.

– WWE held Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston at last night’s RAW because they are considering doing another singles run with Kofi. The match received rave reviews from everyone watching backstage.

Kofi commented on the match via Twitter:

“I know anytime I’m in there with @HEELZiggler the match could go either way. This one goes to Ziggler. Hats off. We will fight again.”

– Most everyone within WWE is a big fan of the current program with Kane and Daniel Bryan. Vince McMahon is said to be a big fan of the comedy segments.

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  • Zombie Plague

    I would throw him in a good zombie roll and have him sai “I want to eat your brains mahn” in a jamaican accent.

  • Diesel

    I like Kofi, but I don’t think I can take him seriously as a top main event guy. Personally I’d still push him, but I’d throw him in with rey, cara, Bourne and so on and recreate the cruiserweight division. Otherwise the smaller guys just remain jobbers, and that sucks especially when they used to be such a big part of wrestling in the 90s.

  • paul s

    Kofis amazing his character is boring though, and his look sucks, rasta faces and fucking trees. Doesn’t scream I’m gonna kick ur ass. Booker t on commentary although hilariously bad always called it with kofi, needs (for lack of a better term…) attitude

  • W.cares

    Have Sheamus lose the title to Ziggler via MITB Contract, make Kofi No1 contender simple as that.


    I’m not a fan of Kofi but last night he looked better than I’ve ever seen him. Props!

  • Buttercastle

    I can just imagine Vince backstage laughing his ass off and everyone around him is like o.O

  • Little Jimmy

    Kofi To Me Deserves a Rey Mysterio World Title push, He is Underutilized and underrated and more than deserves a big push as WWE at the moment are lacking on top tier Babyfaces. R-Truth on the other hand needs to go back to his crazy heel gimmick.

  • mabry

    although i know Kane is suposed to be a monster, i have allways enjoyed hes comedy side. This one in particular is really good, there is a really good chemestry with Bryan, whom with this, has proven averyone to be more than just an amazing Technical Wrestler… Bryan is very charismatic and can be funny too….

  • Whatever

    Oh and the segments with Bryan and Kane are really funny and good.
    It remembers me just a little bit of the old good days.

  • Whatever

    It was a great match, best match in a long time in RAW.