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Backstage news on new direction for Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns feud

Roman Reigns- Paul Heyman

There have been a lot of rumors regarding the future of The Universal Champion Brock Lesnar after his current WWE contract expires following WrestleMania 34.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the belief within WWE is that Lesnar is in the mood of staying with the company opposed to the rumors of him being interested in leaving.

The officials expect this situation to end in the same ‘photo finish’ similar to last time when Brock’s contract expired and he signed a new deal at the last minute.

Though publicly, the company is still moving forward with the idea that The Beast will be leaving and their mentality is to downplay The Universal Champion on his way out.

This way even if he does leave the company after Mania, then it wouldn’t look like WWE lost their biggest star to UFC and they expect fans to celebrate his departure.

As far as the plans for his WrestleMania match goes, Observer says that the company had each creative step laid out for his feud with Roman Reigns but Mr. McMahon decided to change things after the surfaced photo of Dana White and Lesnar garnered lots of attention.

This is said to be the reason why The Universal Champion was not present at last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw despite being advertised for the show.

The new creative direction for the Lesnar-Reigns feud is to make it look like a shoot as much as possible and get Reigns cheered when he wins the Universal title at the show.

  • M

    You’re not alone. I just wish they weren’t bringing back Lashley to be his possible replacement or wannabe duplicate.

  • M

    Will I have to give it to you for being the “heel” of the comment section. All you ever do is b*tch and b*tch without ever having anything good to say..

  • CC

    anyone who does not boo him needs a lobotomy

  • ROB-1.

    I will not miss Lesnar if he goes.

  • rob

    You lose all credibility with a comment like that, you know some people just dont like some wrestlers right?

  • Darrin Tyler

    Anyone that boos Roman is an idiot.

  • Grant Thomson

    This isn’t the first time WWE has reduced the perceived value of a departing superstar. What gets me is that they expect fans to cheer Roman Reigns by default. The exec staff KNOW that Reigns winning would get booed in any other scenario, because he’s been continually shoved down our throats. So, we are going to be forced to like him now? If the plan is to turn everyone “anti-Lesnar”, then Lesnar’s opponent shouldn’t matter. They could throw in practically anyone to fill that spot because we would have to cheer for SOMEONE. But once again, they go with Reigns. I’m not sure if I explained that well enough….It could just be me hating on Reigns, as I have never been a fan of his in-ring work nor his promos. But I sure enough won’t be “convinced” by the end of WM34