Backstage news on Official being worried about Ultimate Deletion

After weeks of rumors, we finally got to see the Ultimate Deletion on WWE Programming this past Monday Night and while some still complained about it, the match received fairly positive receives from the majority of the fans.



However, WrestleZone reports that Officials were not confident about the segment before it aired and Vince McMahon, in particular, believed that the Deletion will ‘bomb’ the show.

The site also notes that ‘it was a struggle’ to get the segment on WWE Programming though it garnered a fair amount of interest and was considered a success after being aired.

It did huge social media numbers for the company, being the #1 trend for almost 2 hours. The fact that Raw retained over 3 million views for the final hour of the show this week has only changed the mind of the Officials in a positive direction.

Matt Hardy teased more visits to the Hardy compound after the show this past Monday Night and while not entirely confirmed, this change in Official’s perspective likely means that we’ll see more from Hardy Production in upcoming times.

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