Backstage news on how officials feel about Paige’s performance as SmackDown GM

Paige took over the job of SmackDown Live General Manager after Daniel Bryan made his in-ring return and the former Diva’s Champion announced her retirement from active competition.



Since it has been a couple of months since the female star took over the role of SmackDown GM, people have been wondering about the backstage reaction to her new position.

Now Pwinsider has revealed how people backstage feel about the former Champion and the site says that the Officials are ‘Extremely Happy’ with the new GM.

It’s worth mentioning here that the much-awaited film Fighting With My Family revolving around Paige’s life is expected to be released sometime during the WrestleMania season next year.

So in addition to the report mentioned above, the site also says that Paige is expected to get more screen time to promote the movie as the release of the film approaches.

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