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Backstage news on Drew McIntyre vs Kurt Angle from the previous episode of RAW

Drew McIntyre and Kurt Angle battled it out in the main event of RAW with the stipulation being that if Angle wins, he will lead the RAW team at Survivor Series. However, McIntyre emerged victorious after executing Angle’s moves and destroyed the hopes of the Olympic Gold Medalist to lead the team.

As per Sports Illustrated, Kurt Angle met with Vince McMahon to plot the match story and then proceeded to reveal the creative plans to McIntyre.

Angle and McIntyre have quite the past from their days with TNA. Before departing the company, Angle reportedly requested one more match to put McIntyre over. The last bout between them in TNA took place at Manchester, the same city as the last episode of RAW.

Despite not being the captain of the red brand, Kurt Angle is speculated to be added to the team on the go-home episode of RAW. As far as McIntyre is concerned, this is apparently a start to a major push that will see him get elevated, with the creative team having huge plans for the star in 2019.

  • Wicka Steve

    You’re probably right, I had completely forgotten that.

  • CC

    Maverick, Rush and LHP have not switched brands. The cruiserweight division was originally exclusive to Raw, and they would have matches on Raw every week. There was no mention of this exclusivity being removed when they quietly stopped having cruiser matches on Raw. Plus, with Drake and Rush they are still on 205 live, which suggests that that exclusivity is still in force.

    As for Kane, Tamina, Big Show and Mike/Maria, they had not been on tv in ages due to injuries etc, so it is not out of the ordinary to expect their “contracts” had expired and they just signed with the other brand (similar to what they did to switch Swagger from one show to the other before he asked for his release).

    It would be a bit more difficult for a general manager to jump ship, because he still holds that position officially according to storylines as he has never been fired just put on extended holiday.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Last time it happened was Miz vs Flair.

  • Armitage Soulshroude


  • Sparti Love

    Ziggler is simply used to help McIntyre.. it’s basically Shawn and Nash 2.0

  • Wicka Steve

    WWE JUST ran a tournament that was won by someone not even involved in it, so I wouldn’t put it past them. Also, Big Show, Kane, and Tamina all recently switched brands with no explanation, Kane switched brands twice. If you count 205 Live, then Drake Maverick, the LHP, and Mike and Maria as well.

  • ROB-1.

    If the WWE pushes MC Intyre what happens Ziggler?

  • CC

    Well SD team is already completed, and with only one more show before SS it would be incredibly rushed to have him switch brands (and would also totally destroy the concept of being contracted to a a brand).

  • Wicka Steve

    I read on another site that Angle straight up told Vince that he wanted
    to put over McIntyre. I was shocked by the match ending. I can’t
    remember the last time I saw someone beat their opponent using the
    opponent’s move, let alone a signature submission. I have a lot of respect for Angle putting over Drew the way he did.
    Of course, that respect will disappear if Angle gets his win back or
    pins or submits Drew in a SS match. If Raw won’t let him on their team,
    who’s to say that Angle won’t go be a part of the SD team?

  • Soulshroude

    The “Chosen One” has returned. Crown his *ss, already. Then when and/or if Reigns returns, it’d better be one hell of a match. Or Brock vs the “Chosen One”. Either way, one hell of a match better take place!