Backstage News On Global Force Wrestling’s First Two Shows From Over The Weekend

– Jeff Jarrett held his first round of live events for his Global Force Wrestling promotion over the weekend and did not pull in a ton of people for the events at small baseball parks. There was said to be a lot of negatively within the promotion that Jarrett was able to put together a tour of minor league parks over the next few months and the first two shows didn’t draw well at all.



Also, talents were said to be upset with Jarrett over the low pay that they received as well as being responsible for paying their for their hotels and transportation, and didn’t get paid extra for doing multiple autograph signings.

The talents also had to fill out W9s and were told they would be getting checks at a later date.

Dave Meltzer notes that talents will get paid for wrestling and can keep their gimmick money, and a lot of the talent were drive-ins with only the top guys flying in.

GFW is just running live events as run-throughs and a test of how the promotion will run until they get to their TV tapings in July.

– GFW is still in talks with U.S and international TV networks, but no deals have been made. GFW is scheduled to tape television in July in Las Vegas, but only a pilot episode and not as series.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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