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Backstage news on Kurt Angle’s farewell tour

Many believe that Kurt Angle facing opponents like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles is WWE’s way to compensate for the unpopular choice of his WrestleMania opponent in Baron Corbin.

However, if we believe Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio then this is not the case and these opponents have not been chosen by WWE.

According to Meltzer, it’s Angle himself who has handpicked these last few opponents to be part of his farewell tour before his retirement match at WrestleMania.

Though as we noted before, the opponent which the Gold Medalist didn’t get to chose is Baron Corbin, who WWE has picked for him to face at the Show Of Shows.

Kurt Angle is currently scheduled to face Rey Mysterio in his last Raw match next week and he will then go on to challenge Corbin at WrestleMania next month.

  • Soulshroude

    As in agreement with CC on this one, the same goes for the match with Baron Corbin. The WWe only chose Corbin for his (Angle’s) final match, which makes little sense… instead of actually going with Cena, which would have been perfect? Instead of keeping a leash on Corbin as a “draw”, just finish the damned storyline with Cena vs Angle… you’ve never done that before… actually finishing “any storyline”.

  • CC

    The annoying thing with this (other than Corbin) is that last nights result was so predictable.
    No way was Styles going to lose in the run up to his Mania match and same for Angle. And with Styles’ opponent being a guy who regularly interferes in matches it was pretty much a given.

    If Angle really has chosen his opponents, please let Benjamin get a match next week as this week he was made to look like a fool.